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Rachel Lynn | 20 | CSUMB | CA
Conservative | Math Major | Hunter
Faith, Family, & Firearms.
♡Sister of Theta Alpha Sigma♡
★College Republican★

Me: *Rambling on and on about foreign policy*
Mitchell: Hold on a second.
Me: What?
Him: *kisses me* You can continue.
Anonymous said: Instead of going out with numerous men, which you seem to be doing a lot of lately, focus on yourself. Learn to be alone because honestly, no man respects a whore. If your past relationships haven't taught you anything, which seems like they haven't, men only want one thing from you and you obviously give them what they want. You claim your independent but the very slightest attention you get, you fall head over heels. You got issues you need to work on.

Where to begin? First off you may go politely fuck yourself for your holier than thou judgment upon my life, which you obviously know nothing about. Secondly, my ex whom I was with for months, yea WE NEVER HAD SEX! That guy I went out with last night, I gave him a goodnight kiss, which in the grand scheme of things really is none of your business, but still no sex. My past relationships? Hmmmm… My ex was the first “relationship” I’ve had in a year and half because I AM independent, I have my own life, and am more concerned with my education than I am with silly boys. I know who I am and it is SO far from being a whore or any other name you wish to call me to make yourself feel better about who you are. The fact that you would have the audacity to write me, or anyone else for that matter, like this says more about you then it does about me so please keep that in mind.

So Yes! A great guy asked me out on a date and I went. Guess what?! That was the first real connection I think I’ve ever had in my life and I had the most amazing time. I have no clue where that is going to go and I’m not looking to force anything, but am instead taking it for what it was; an AMAZING night! So I will not apologize to you or anyone else for my own happiness, instead I will pray that you can come to terms with all this hate and judgment that you harbor in your heart. Have a blessed night!

Kisses for Reagan ♥

Kisses for Reagan ♥

Number Theory will be the death of me.

Number Theory will be the death of me.

Anonymous said: Even though you're straight, do you like lesbian porn? I know a lot of straight chicks do. Just wondering haha.

Ummm I don’t watch porn. Sorry

Anonymous said: The way your tattoo pokes through the natural separation of your glorious breasts in my eyes, is the epitome of beauty and sexiness.

Unf…. I’m a sucker for anyone who uses any form of sophisticated vocabulary. Especially since most people would have said, “Damn Ma ur tat is sexyy ;)”

Please marry me ASAP♡